Return of Mr. Pillowman

A long….long…time ago, I was a little kid. In my small brain was an infinite universe of imagination and I used it often. Those days seem like a blur now, except for a few things. People for certain have not faded, although I’ve just always had a good memory for faces and names (until recently). Every so often life has a funy way of re-introducing people from your past back into your feild of vision or…more directly.  Continue reading Return of Mr. Pillowman

What #TakeBackTheTable Means To Me

A long while back, at the begining of this blogs life, I wrote about the importance of having Family time around the dinner table. When done on a regular basis, and without the interruption of devices, it can be a wonderful way to strengthen the communication and relationships within your family. Lately I’ve been seeing a pretty wide campaign on social media called #TakeBackTheTable, dedicated to getting familys back (or even just now into) the habit of doing exactly what I had previously written about.  Continue reading What #TakeBackTheTable Means To Me

The Netflix Diaries: Once Upon A Time

It’s like somebody at Disney’s creative department stayed up for 48 hours on Redbull and wrote 6-7 seasons worth of episodes of some crazy mashup of ALL the Disney characters. In the beginning it was really cool, interesting and well thought out. But now we’re into “Day 2” of his binge and its still interesting, still well thought out, but REALLY CRAZY.  Continue reading The Netflix Diaries: Once Upon A Time

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