Why I Hope My Daughter is More Like Poe and Less Like Rey

First and foremost, she’ll never be abandoned in a sandy place forced to collect junk in order to earn portions of dehydrated food powder. Also, I should mention that this is not an attempt to quash her girly-ness. If one day she feels that she is Transgendered that’s perfectly fine, but this post is more about the mindset than the physical attributes. No this is a consideration by a HUGE Nerd who is also a parent of a little girl in the realm of “should our kids look up to this hero”. Continue reading Why I Hope My Daughter is More Like Poe and Less Like Rey

New Year, New Beginnings 

Yeah yeah yeah, everybody says that on New Years Eve/Day. How “this year is gonna be different” and yadda yadda. Well for my family, 2016 is going to incredibly different. Why? Because we took the time and put in the effort back in 2015 to make it so.

In 2015 I became a full time Stay-At-Home Dad and it’s been working out better than I could have possibly hoped. Staying home with the little one and getting to concentrate further on projects that mean something to me has been truely amazing. My Wife got an awesome new position at work in which she quite comfortably accells and looking ahead, there are some wonderful opportunities for her coming up. The little one? She just started potty training full-time and she’s a CHAMP. All of this is in addition to a steady change in our diet to healthier things that still satisfy us, and most importantly…..a new home. 

A full on HOUSE. No more renting, tons of space and a world of opportunity. We worked very hard to get to this point at this stage in our lives and this is one of those times when we can truely look behind us at what we’ve done and reap the benefits of our hard work. The best part is, though, that the work is only truely just beginning. My Wife and I are both the kind of people who like to stay busy as much as we like to relax. Now, we have a home where both things are possible. We have enough comfy space to curl up and watch TV and play with the little one, and a good amount of space to work on all the things we dream about. 

2016 so far is full of some all new things and good feelings that we haven’t felt in a long time. 
This is gonna be good. 


When You Need it Most: Date Night

***I recieved a Restaurant.com gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.***
It’s the Holidays, and for any parent that means one thing above all else: Stress. 

As Hannukkah passes and Christmas gets into full swing, it’s hard to find time for just you and you partner. Sure you may be able to drop them off at Nana and PopPop’s at some point, but your time is filled with the rushing around of buying gifts. While you may be able to turn that into a good time, you still gotta get that Date Night in some how. 

The Date Night is quite possibly the most important tool in a parents’ arsenal. It’s one of those things that needs to happen regularly so you both can decompress. This holiday season, my friends at Restaurant.com have a little something for you. 

The holiday season ushers in festive foods, décor, and winter’s highly anticipated movies of 2015! Explore the galaxy, sing with the Chipmunks or solve a Sherlock mystery—and dine out with Special by Restaurant.com’s Dinner & a Movie deal. Now through December 20 for $30, you’ll receive two tickets PLUS a $100 Restaurant.com eGift card to redeem for a star-rated restaurant. 

Spend family time discovering the perfect table and flick. Use your movie tickets to see any winter blockbuster hit here. Hurry – this offer ends Sunday, December 20 at 11:59 pm CT or when it’s sold out
Restaurant.com and Specials by Restaurant.com make great gifts for everyone on your wish list. Connect with Restaurant.com on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and never miss their next great deal! 

***I recieved a Restaurant.com gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.***

Lets Talk About Pods, Baby…Lets Talk About Season 2

Yeah, you read it correctly. “Season 2” is coming and you may be thinking to yourself “hey Ben, I didn’t think your show worked that way” and initially, you’d be correct.

This week though comes a big change to my family and Lazy Banana Podcasts. I’m happy to say that we’ll be relocating to an amazing place in which it will be possible to not only have better quality shows, but also more regular content. With that in mind, as well as the stints I’ve had to do in the first “season” where I wasn’t able to do shows at all, I’ve decided that with all the differences that there will be between the shows prior and the shows coming up, it makes sense to seperate them into “seasons”. 

And so, for your enjoyment, starting THIS VERY MONTH…all new episodes of The Dad On The Mic Show.

Twice a week.

Regular guests from different areas of expertise. 

Same B.K. 

I’m incredibly grateful for all of you who have stuck with me, and everyone who’s coming in at this exciting time of growth!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the show via iTunes, and go follow on Twitter and Facebook!


Restaurant.com! A Cyber Monday Special!

I received a Restaurant.com gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

Thanksgiving has past and by now all the leftovers have been eaten. Not only that, but you are probably JUST NOW getting the last of the dishes washed and put away from this past holiday. So what’s next? Back to same old-same old until Christmas? Nah…how about we spice things up a little bit. 

After this crazy weekend, my wife and I need a date night. But how are we going to manage post-Black Friday? Easy. This awesome Cyber Monday deal from Restaurant.com! 

Holidays are a time of happiness, a bit of relaxation and enjoying life as much as possible. After a long, exhausting weekend, it’s time to take a load off and treat yourself! Today, Restaurant.com has just that in mind. 

The folks at Restaurant.com are giving you THE Cyber Monday deal: you pay just $3 for $25 Certificates with Promo Code: CYBER today only! Find places to meet, eat and be merry from 22,000 restaurants nationwide. And if you’re traveling, feel free to take Restaurant.com on the road with you. Their mobile app makes a primary travel companion! Search for eateries by zip code and simply use the certificate from your phone at the restaurant. 

It’s easy on both your mind and your wallet. Plus, you can get your fill from your favorite places or even new restaurants you’ve never tried! Hurry – this “Better than Best” $3 Cyber Monday Sale won’t last. Restaurant.com is the trusted and valued source for connecting restaurants and diners nationwide. This offer ends Monday, November 30 at 11:59 pm CT. 

-B.K. Mullen

I received a Restaurant.com gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

Generation to Generation: #PlaySkoolHeroes

It seems like forever ago that I played with my first Super Hero action figure. But when I think back on it now, it took awhile for me to discover them. When I did, it opened my mind to whole new worlds that my imagination could run through. The universe I had created for all my toys had vastly expanded beyond just building blocks and plush toys. Now I had realistic faces to the characters in my mind. Now I had the chance to create beyond what was previously possible. It has translated then, all these year later, into how I can play with my Daughter.  Continue reading Generation to Generation: #PlaySkoolHeroes

The continuing adventures of a Podcasting Dad.