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What #TakeBackTheTable Means To Me

A long while back, at the begining of this blogs life, I wrote about the importance of having Family time around the dinner table. When done on a regular basis, and without the interruption of devices, it can be a wonderful way to strengthen the communication and relationships within your family. Lately I’ve been seeing a pretty wide campaign on social media called #TakeBackTheTable, dedicated to getting familys back (or even just now into) the habit of doing exactly what I had previously written about.  Continue reading What #TakeBackTheTable Means To Me

Change Is Good: Too T.V. or Not Too T.V.

The one thing that can be a hassle with living in an apartment is figuring out the best way to use the space you have available. Especially with being a Stay At Home parent, having a defined area for Arts & Crafts and learning is early impossible. So my Wife decided to make a plan for the little one’s second birthday, to set up an area in the living room specifically for Emma’s learning advancement.  Continue reading Change Is Good: Too T.V. or Not Too T.V.

Bearding Like a Pro with

Its something of a standard in our family to have a beard. I suppose its just nature that the three “Mullen Men” all look stunningly handsom (just sayin) with facial hair. We’ve had all sorts of styles from goatee’s to mega beards and for a short time, even a fu-manchu style.

These days, especially with the little one, it’s hard to put the time and care needed into my beard. But if you want it to be healthy and “non-hobo-ish” (as my wife once put it) you gotta set some time aside at least once a day. When Men Essentials contacted me about trying out “Blue Beards Original Daily Beard Wash”, I had to have it. Continue reading Bearding Like a Pro with