Generation to Generation: #PlaySkoolHeroes

It seems like forever ago that I played with my first Super Hero action figure. But when I think back on it now, it took awhile for me to discover them. When I did, it opened my mind to whole new worlds that my imagination could run through. The universe I had created for all my toys had vastly expanded beyond just building blocks and plush toys. Now I had realistic faces to the characters in my mind. Now I had the chance to create beyond what was previously possible. It has translated then, all these year later, into how I can play with my Daughter. 

Deep in the confines of our storage unit is a box. Like a modern Ark of The Covenant it holds dear pieces of my past, my action figures. I think of them often when I play with my two year old, thinking about the amazing stories I created in my youth and imagining my little girl a few years from now doing the same. Having the desire to share my Nerdy-ness and all of my favorite characters with my little one is a natural thing with parents. Nowadays though I’ve realized that doing so will take time. She’s only two, what does she care about Transformers?

Well now, thanks to PlaySkool Heroes, it’s possible to share my passion for the Nerdy with my little one today instead of 5 years from now. Jurassic Park? She loves the Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex. Transformers? The Rescue Bots High Tide Playset is perfect. I can even share my love of Marvel characters with the new Super Hero Adventures Iron Man Armor Up Fortress.

Yeah, I get to share all of THIS with my TWO YEAR OLD. Now she’ll get an early introduction to the kinds of toys I used to play with and create new worlds and crazy adventures. The design of PlaySkool Heroes is specifically for younger kids brimming with imagination, and not only does it inspire, but it also acts as an amazing transitional set of toys from one age to the next.

First stop, Transformers and Iron Man. Next stop, the entire Marvel Universe and all of the awesome stuff Hasbro has in store for kids these days. She may not be able to weild Captain America’s shield or Hulk’s Fists just yet, but she can surely get Iron Man suited up and help a Jurassic World trainer capture a loose T-Rex!

Possibly the best part is the future. One of the things we’ve been most concerned about as far as having another child after Emma, is how well they’ll be able to interact. But she’s old enough to play with the more expanded line of Hasbro Super Heroes, her little brother or sister can play along! I can’t tell you how much that means to me, to not only be able to share some of my own childhood passions with my kiddo and also feel confident that she’ll have common ground with her sibling right from the start.

I highly recommend picking up these and others in the PlaySkool Heroes line. Its fun for them, fun for you, and more importantly helps build imagination and relationships through all of us!




****Thanks to PlaySkool Heroes, which compensated me for this post. My views and opinions are my own, and I’m crazy happy about these toys and how much my little Emma loves them too!***

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