The Netflix Diaries: The Long Way Round/Down

Adventure has always been in my blood and probably always will be. My wife and I have a history of that desire to travel and see the world. To put our feet in places where we may only be able to once, and perhaps few people have before us. But while we have that primevel urge to keep moving and see much, what we need to do currently is stay put and take care of business.

So Netflix gives us a way to keep our sense of adventure alive, partially through the documentaries we both watched as kids available from the History Channel and whatnot, and through the rare episodic shows that take our eyes (and hearts) to the places we dream of. This 2 season series is one of those perfect ones. 

In 2004, actors Ewan McGreggor and Charlie Boorman (motorcyle enthusiasts and best friends) set off on a trip they called “The Long Way Round”. They traveled from London, through Europe, across Russia (dipping into Mongolia at one point), flying over to Alaska then down through Canada and the United States, to their final destination in New York City. They literally rode their bikes around the world, and documented the whole process. 

Getting to know Ewan and Charlie on a personal level, beyond what you think you know about them, and then traveling with them through dozens of countries and hundreds of cultures is an amazing experience. There are frustrations, triumphs, bad weather, beautiful scenery, sketchy people and no lack of adventure. It’s a must see. 

But it doesn’t end there. Almost two years after “The Long Way Round”, they decided to do another adventure in the same vain called “The Long Way Down”. Starting from the northern tip of Scotland, they took their BMW bikes to task once again by driving them straight through the African continent directly to Cape Town. Along the way they had equally amazing experiences, equally diverse cultural lessons and Ewans wife even joins them for a 7 day stretch. 

Even if you aren’t into motorcycles, or traveling, these two series’ are perfect binge watch material. You’ll also learn quite a bit about each country they visit, and mostly in ways you never thought of before. It’s an incredibly personal journey that has been well documented and perfectly edited for us to enjoy and feel apart of. 

DOTM Netflix Rating: BINGE IT!

Both series’, “The Long Way Round” and “The Long Way Down” are currently available on Netflix Streaming. 
-B.K. Mullen


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