Change Is Good: Too T.V. or Not Too T.V.

The one thing that can be a hassle with living in an apartment is figuring out the best way to use the space you have available. Especially with being a Stay At Home parent, having a defined area for Arts & Crafts and learning is early impossible. So my Wife decided to make a plan for the little one’s second birthday, to set up an area in the living room specifically for Emma’s learning advancement. 
It started last Christmas. We knew that if I was going to be staying at home I need to keep up with teaching her the language skills and such that she would usually be taught at day care. So we started with something basic: my Wife took an old cork-board we weren’t using anymore and turned it into a felt board.

Over the past couple of months though, we’ve had trouble deciding both where to put it and what to do as far as the “learning area” as a whole. Then we noticed two things.
1.) Our kid was watching way too much T.V. during the day.
2.) Right where the T.V. is sitting would be a perfect spot to set up the “learning area”
So after much debate, and one final decision by me, we set it up.



Not to say she doesn’t get to watch T.V. at all anymore, we moved the setup into the bedroom and periodically throughout the day we watch Barney and such. But now we have what we need, and more importantly what she needs. Now with a ton of construction paper, flashcards, coloring books, a singing Minion, felt peices and a seemingly endless amount of crayons we can make sure she’s getting the education she needs on a daily basis as well as a bit of fun!
Oh and her potty….cause y’know…..when you gotta go, you gotta go.
We needed a change, and the three of us couldn’t be happier. Not only is it a change for the little one as far as her learning and being engaged is concerned, but now we have the means also to make her more comfortable with the type of stuff she’ll encounter when she goes back to a school environment.
So special thanks to Costco for having those table and chairs, and the Dollar Store for having all the creative stuff we needed. Also thanks to the Wife’s creativity and inspiration 🙂
Having trouble making the best of your space? Maybe we can help! Leave a comment!
-B.K. Mullen


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