Dear Daughter, Your Mother And I Are Batman. 

I cannot run faster than a speeding train, nor do bullets bounce off my chest. Don’t expect me to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or use heat vision for anything. I am not Superman. I can’t fly, lift more than is humanly possible, or breath in space. I will let you down some day. As much as it may seem like your Mom and I are all-knowing and flawless, we are not.

We are Batman. 

We are intelligent, highly trained and secure in our motives. As we have grown we have accumilated scars, some you will hear about and some you won’t. We’ve made mistakes and had to lean on others for a while so we could learn and adapt. There are lots of gadgets, tools and tactics that we use, and we are always developing new ones to make life easier. Sometimes we even steal the designs from others who have succeeded where we have failed. We are not perfect, but we are most certainly dedicated.

We cannot leap buildings in a single bound, but we’ll climb if you need us. Neither of us can run faster than a speeding train, but we’ll run till our legs give out if it’s you we’re running to. Bullets will never bounce off our chest, but they’ll have to get through us before they’ll ever get to you. From time to time we’ll let you down, fail you. But those failures will only happen once. We are not super-human, but what doesn’t kill us truely makes us stronger.

Like Batman, there is a buring desire in our hearts. For him, his child is his city. He wants to keep it safe, see it thrive and to strike fear into the hearts of those who wish to harm it. We want the same. We want every single soul on earth to know that if they ever harm you in any way, vengeance will be ours. They will suffer at our feet while they regret the tresspasses set against you. They may not know us, or count on us to actually make a difference, but we’ll do our damdest to make them realize the gravity of the situation they have put themselves in.

You are the light of our lives, and the reason we strive for success. One day you may understand, that you above all else is important. We aren’t going to baby you for the rest of your life though, we’re not going to over-treat you and make you ungrateful. But one day you will realize, to us you are more important than any higher power that may possibly exist.

We are Batman. Prepared for almost any task, ready to adapt when we are not. Covered in scars and wise beyond our years. Some days are better than others, but we’ll never stop trying to make you’re life as amazing as possible.


Mom & Dad

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