Choose Malala, Not Kim: Rolling Stone Has Failed Us

Some people will tell you that it happened a long time ago, but Rolling Stone has fallen off the wagon, in my opinion, with this cover featuring Kim Kardashian.

Are you kidding me? Have you really dropped to an MTV level of rediculous content that has nothing to do with the goal of your media outlet? Yes, she is married to Kanye. So put them both on the cover, make them both the topic of the story. The closest she’s been to being involved with music is two music videos, one for Fall Out Boy in 2007 and for her husband in 2013.

Oh and she is Kanye West’s Wife.

Sinead O’Connor had it wrong, music isn’t dead, Rolling Stone is. The best we can hope for is that this is a low period for the magazine I’ve loved since I was 12. Kind like Saturday Night Live in the early 80’s, this will hopefully end up as a time everyone will try its best to forget. A point where in their desperation to stay relevent, they went with whats popular instead of what matters.

Rolling Stone has forgotten one key element about its own reputation, that people depend on getting on the cover of Rolling Stone for their careers to stay afloat, not the other way around.

I’m pissed. Angry at the depths of ignorance and lack of fortitude by a company that I have looked up to for years, and to this day still dreamed to write for. Its not my company, they can do what they want. Fine, put this good for nothing Socialite on the cover. But don’t expect it to boost your sales.

Unless her husband buys every issue…which wouldn’t suprise me in the least.

I’m also angry as a father. Here is a woman who is famous for being famous. She’s famous for being the eldest daughter of one of O.J.’s top lawyers, putting out a sex-tape with a guy named Ray-J and being a socialite. This is not the kind of woman our daughters should be seeing at a hightened social status. Instead of an amazing individual who just celebrated her 18th birthday after wining the Nobel Peace Prize and making the world better for young women everywhere, Malala Yousafzai, you went with a socialite porn star with nothing under her belt that actually helps the world. Unless you consider mindless entertainment helpful, giving the ability to come home after a long day and become a vegetable in front of the television. This of course is completely possible without Kim as well. Her fame serves no purpose.


There are holes in my argument I’m sure, that both Kim and Kanye and their die-hard fans would most certainly (and in poor English) want to bring to my attention. Like i’m sure she’s involved her money in charities and all that jazz. I’m sure if I got to know her on a day to day basis I would see some light in the black-hole of rediculousness that is her senseless popularity. But today is a sad day.

Want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Kim? Do something for music. Produce others projects, or (god help me) put out your own album. Even Yoko, who’s fame is mostly derived from being John Lennon’s wife has put out music. Courtney Love even did an album or two.

Please dear God. Contribute. Please Kim. I’m begging you. For the sake of yourself, Rolling Stone and all of their readers who are seriously considering jumping ship right now. Do something productive.


-B.K. Mullen


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