Return of the Podcast

I wanted to take this time to announce some exciting news! As many of you may know, I not only blog but I also podcast (hence: Dad on The Mic). Lately however, time constraints on certain projects as well as family life have left me without a regular recording of episodes for the Dad on The Mic show, and for this I apologize. 


I would like to officially announce that starting Monday July 13th, DOTM will be a TWICE WEEKLY show including special guests and a more solid format. I’ll also be starting up a new YouTube series this August called “Pops Garage”, looking at cars both new and old and what info the modern parent needs to know (more details coming on that soon!)

Thank you all so much for reading, listening, commenting, and above all: supporting. I love you all and it’s because of you I get to go on this awesome adventure. So don’t forget to tune in! Find the show on iTunes and very soon you’ll be able to also find it on TuneIn and more!

-B.K. Mullen


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