The Awkward Rage-Quit of Uwe Bole

In the past few hours I’ve mentioned our esteemed director friend Uwe Bole to about a dozen people.

Not a single one knew who I was talking about. 

All I could tell them to sum up current events regarding this guy is that “he directed a few less-than-popular” movies over the years and he just Rage-Quit Hollywood cause his crowdfunding projects failed three times.”

In one sense, I feel extreemly bad for Bole. The process of making a movie, especially for a director, is a long and tiring process. Even if it’s low-budget and deemed “shitty” by the internet, each project goes through months of development and careful planning before it even gets green-lit by a studio. So the fact that he has dedicated himself to his art and put in countless hours of hard work on each one should not go unnoticed. Anyone who chooses to direct a film, no matter what the scale, should be complimented for their bravery and celebrated if they are lucky enough to make it out the other side successfully.

But Bole has apparently only just realized that crowdfunding for a project of this scale ($500,000.00) is difficult, especially when the collective nasty internet people have labeled your work as “shitty”. Upon this unfortunate realization, he lost his temper.

His first of two video’s, seen here: is a great homage to the classic “Rage-Quitters” of old. He goes into semi-detail while badmouthing the specific entities that have pissed him off, and then goes on to tell the entire internet to “fuck itself”. In fact, the TITLE OF THE VIDEO IS “fuck you all”. Obviously its NSFW.

Next, in a second video entitled “June Kickstarter” seen here: our good friend Uwe goes on a rant about the internet, celebrities taking advantage of you, and how many the worlds population are “retarted”. He then proceeds to tell us all once again to “fuck off” followed by a less than fond “goodbye” to both the internet collective and Hollywood.

Unfortunately for Uwe, he made the same mistake most Rage-Quitters make when they Rage-Quit in two parts: he contraticted the hell out of himself.

In the first video he mentions how (in classic Rage-Quit fashion) “It doesn’t really matter anyway” and that “I have enough money to play golf for the rest of my life”. Now lets assume that means he has enough money to live comfortably, pay off his house, pay all his bills etc AND play golf all day for the rest of his life…he would be classified as “Rich”. Which causes quite the argument between Uwe and Uwe when in his second video he says we should just “kill all the rich people”.

All in all, just another Rage-Quit by another unfortunate soul who layed himself at the mercy of the internet and felt its cold hand rip his heart out. But there is something important to take away here, especially for all you artists out there.

No matter what happens, the internet is going to shit on you for your art. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how amazing it actually is. There will be a large percentage, especially at the beginning, of what we lovingly call “haters”. That being said there is also going to be an even larger percent of people who simply just don’t like what you do. It’s not meant as an insult, it’s just impossible to please everyone.

So, all you artists out there, take care. And remember, keep going with what your doing. Because in the end what really matters is your expression, not how many people like you on the interwebs.

And to Uwe: Keep going man. So maybe you make shitty movies, but NOBODY makes shitty movies better than you.

-B.K. Mullen


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