The Netflix Diaries: Parks and Recreation

This one has always been on the list of “I’ll get around to it”, being that I don’t always have the brain-space to start a new series. When I start watching a show I have to be clear headed, able to absorb the new information of what character is who and what relationships are going on and which characters hate each other, etc.

This one was worth the wait. 

Having grown up with SNL in the 90’s and early 2000’s I was fully aware of Amy Poehler and her brilliance, but I was afraid of this one. Afraid because each time I had witnessed her outside of sketch-comedy it went horribly wrong (Baby Mama, Spring Breakdown, Envy). But I decided to give it a shot, after all it’s been on for 7 seasons, and this Ron Swanson guy seems like a character I would truely enjoy. So, two years ago I watched the first three episodes.

I hated it.

Didn’t grab me. Didn’t quite make me laugh. Seemed like too much of a ripoff from The Office, which I had been addicted to previously. Plus……Amy Poehler did exactly what I expected: Missed the mark completely.

But this time…..ohhhhhh this time. We had both grown. I had grown in that I’ve realized over the years that some shows have a “rocky” First Season and then BOOM the Second Season is amazing. They had also grown in nailing down THE BEST SECOND SEASON OF ANY SHOW EVER.

Don’t get me wrong, it really started to pick up halfway through Season 1…..but GOD DAMN.

C’mon…. DJ ROOMBA????

Each actor brings an amazing light to their character, truely making it remenicent of an average workplace. Aziz Ansari, much unlike his stand-up, has been a brilliant character to watch develop. Chris Pratt as the semi-mentally challanged ex-boyfriend turned shoe-shine boy never dissapoints for a single second. Even the character of Jerry has some brilliant moments, despite being largely tortured by his colleagues.

But Ron Swanson….oh dear God in heaven thank you. He’s a simple man. A man’s man. It’s not that I whole heartedly agree with his outlook on life, but he’s just….a simple guy. He knows what he likes, he sticks to his guns (sometimes literally), and although his beliefs may lead to the discomfort or discouragment of others, he makes it happen so eloquently that you don’t actually feel bad for the person it’s happening to.

Plus, haven’t we all wanted to put a Claymore Mine on our office desk facing the front door at some point in our lives? 💯

The whole team shines, especially with each other, and the balance is constant. Sure, growing pains in the first Season but STICK WITH IT WOULD-BE HATERS. Even the moments of silence will make you laugh, and there are a full 6 out of 7 seasons on Netflix streaming right now.

-B.K. Mullen


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