DOTM How-To: Clone Helmet Sound System (Easy)

I’m a Nerd. Thats just the way it is, and I love it. Another thing I love is how creative some people get with Cosplay outfits or just wearable geek-gear in general. I’ve never really gotten to a point where finances and tools all lined up to make my own, however, and I recently made a decision.

While listening to a podcast by Adam Savage of Mythbusters, he spoke about the great lengths he went to in the creation of most of his projects. He also said though, that some of the best, most interesting things he’s ever done and ever seen, were projects made on a tight budget. 

“It’s when your properly broke, thats when you have to get the most creative. Duct tape and tin-foil type stuff, and yet it still looks amazing.”

So here I am, with an old pair of headphones, a clone helmet, a screwdriver and packaging tape. I now present for you a very EASY how-to, for putting a nice little sound system in your clone helmet, and start taking it to the next step.

What I would REALLY REALLY like to do is install a pair of Blu-Tooth Headphones, but unfortunately I don’t have the….*achem* resources for that at the moment. Once I do though, I’ll do a re-build and give y’all an update!

We start with your standard “Capt. Rex” Clone Helmet, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and an elder pair of earbuds.


Remove the back of the helmet, to expose the inside. Also remove the “head-strap” so it’s not in the way.

After removing the screws from either side of the helmet, I was able to access the “ear-panels”. I chose packaging tape to fasten everything in, as its easy to use and cheap. Feel free to use something better if so inclined. The left side is empty space, and easy to insert the left side ear-bud, seen here:

You’ll have to be more stretegic on the right side, as that is the side with the speaker and buttons for the voice changer and pre-loaded phrases. The whole assembly can be removed, but it’s neat to keep around.

I chose to run the ear-bud chord along the chin because not only was their plenty of space, but this particular pair also has a standard volume button/microphone. This way, I’m still able to use it properly:

After running the chord along the chin and fastening the right side ear-bud in the helmet, I tucked in all the loose bits and fastened it with tape:

As you can see when comparing it to the original helmet design, I’ve also made a slight modification to the visibility area. I’ve removed the original white frame that was inside the black rubber nose/eye guard and used a bit of it to keep the guard fastened to the inside properly. This is so….well….so I can still wear my glasses while this thing is on my face!

Moving on….I also fed the end of the jack through a pre-existing vent-hole. This is so I can have my divice in a particular place, but again..feel free to alter to your liking.

This leaves me with the jack hanging on the right side, and not far enough to reach a pants pocket. You could always get an extention cable, or you could do as I do a put a little “hipster-twist” on it:

So there you have it! A very basic yet functional “sound system” for your Clone Helmet, perfect for listening to music as you walk around your favorite Con, or you can even take calls! Anywho, once I get my hands on some Blu-Tooth headphones I can mess around with and install, i’ll do so and update you!
Questions? Suggestions? Wanna donate a pair of Blu-Tooth Headphones cause you love me??????

Tweet @dadonthemic or email!


-B.K. Mullen


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