The Netflix Diaries: Daredevil

In this new series, I explore and discuss all the wonderfulness that is the behemoth of entertainment that is Netlix, and what i’m currently bingeing. This is my diary of my passive addiction to flicks and shows!

This Week: Daredevil starring Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onfrio.

To start off with, you should know I’ve been a Marvel comics fan for as long as I can remember. Although over the years my favorite hero became Batman, there was always one from the Marvel Universe (M.U.) that stuck out over the years with fantastic writing and design through the 90’s. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was my anchor to the M.U. through my highschool years, and while I never wore the teeshirts or held closely to the comics (again, Batman) it was the one I could respect. Kevin Smith’s run with Daredevil reignighted the series in an exciting way, and slowly it grew to the forfront of M.U.’s project lists.

It has culminated to the creation of this series, a wonderful blend of all the things we need. While D.C. tries to beat back M.U.’s dedication to making humor a big part of the action, the folks over at Marvel have finally sealed the coffin on D.C.’s recent attepts. The combination of darkness and top level acting by both Cox (DD) and D’Onofrio (Fisk), built on the strong support structure provided by Henson (Foggy), Woll (Karen) and the overwhelming talent of the supporting cast has now officially burried D.C. The only hope left, is if they wait a few years and return after Avengers 4.

D’Onfrio is absolutely stunning, giving us a take on The Kingpin that we never thought we’d see. The man who grew up tortured, now returned to his native land, commiting acts of evil only for the benefit of his broken city. By the end of the season, he is truely bewitched by his new love, and the true despicableness of the city around him that he constantly tried to deny. Despite his best intentions, he morphes into the best we all know as Wilson Fisk. D’Onfrio has put on some amazing roles over his long career, but the freshness and intensity of his turn as Fisk shows only one thing: we have only seen the growth of a master, and this is just the tip of a diamond iceberg named Vincent.

The cherry on top of the whole icecream cone of amazing acting (the casting director really deserves an award for putting this group together) is the action. The hand-to-hand combat is second to none. I hate to keep going back to D.C. comparisons, but the hype around Arrow and the physical abilities of Stephen Amell has now been silenced. Our hero in this series, has a double for a percentage of the action. However, with the level of dedication the series places in its hand-to-hand detail, Charlie Cox deserves an ocassional break. This brings us to a scene we’ve all been talking about since episode two graced our presence.

The pivitol final scene, a single shot, one epic throw down and fantastic show of coreography. In a single scene, Netflix’s crew has set the bar higher than ever for similar series’. Already broken and beaten, good ol’ Double D fights through 7 (if i remember correctly) men in a hallway to save a little boy’s life.

A long time ago, I first saw Die Hard. The first one, not those other pieces of shit (lets be honest). It was the first time that I had ever seen what ended up being the most important aspect of a hero: the fact that our hero is human. Able to be hurt. After John McClane walked over broken glass in his bare feet, his pain continued till the end of the film. When Ryan Phillippe dove into what he thought was an empty Mexican fountain only to end up pulling huge chunks of glass out of his forearm, you felt the pain right till the moment he passed out. When Daredevil, already stabbed and broken, collapses mid-fight in that hallway only to will himself to his feet moments later and continue laying a beat down on some baddies, thats when I knew.

This isn’t your Daddies Flash Gordon-esque, Sly Stallone got stabbed in the chest but he still carries three people on his shoulder bullshit. This is Daredevil. This is the man without fear. This is Matt Murdoch who pushes through the pain to safe an innocent life. This is Marvel’s finest work….

….and they aren’t done yet.

Binge season one on Netflix RIGHT NOW, and if you’ve ever had a doubt in your mind, it will be silenced.

-B.K. Mullen


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