The morning comes as softly as it ever does
But never as soft as your breathing
I quietly start constructing the day
While you are still sweetly dreaming
The pancakes are hot and the coffee is ready
When you begin to stir
I listen close to you stretch and yawn
Roll around and purr
I greet you with the biggest smile and I tell you that I love you
I missed you while you were “away”
I’ll make this breakfast as happy as possible
Cause I know that they’ll be some falls today
Yesterday’s bruises have faded slightly
I’m sure the pain has too
Just remember that everyday has it’s challenges
And struggles made just for you
But we’ll meet them together as the days go on
And don’t worry your little head
It’s early yet and breakfast is ready
So think on your pancakes instead

-B.K. Mullen

One thought on “Breakfast”

  1. Good stuff here. The world could use more of this. Though I haven’t done a lot of poetry myself, there’s a thoughtful, quiet, contemplation about crafting poems, especially about those you love, that sets the stage for good moments to come.

    Also, what I wouldn’t give for someone to wake me up to pancakes in the morning.

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