365 Days of Baby

It’s official, our little one is a year old. Last Monday we counted down the minutes to that wonderful moment when our little Emma finally joined us out here in this crazy world. It, like many other things, gives pause to how fast they grow and how strong they really are although we are constantly reminded of how fragile they can be.

It’s exciting that only a few days before her first birthday she started walking, and now can walk unassisted across the living room a week later. The fact that she doesn’t eat baby food anymore and now has foods that she clearly favors over others intrigues me. There are all the signs now that she is truly no longer a “baby” but just a miniature human being.

That may sound strange, that I’m just coming into the idea that she is just a miniature human. But I suppose a lot of parents go through the same transition I find myself in, where your baby previously felt other-worldly. Perhaps it’s the growth of personality and the beginning of looking more like one parent or the other that puts a baby’s humanity into perspective. Lordy, it’s so strange to watch myself write those words. OF COURSE THE BABY IS HUMAN YOU PRICK. But….AHAAAA I’ve got it: She no longer feels like a chore.

That’s not to say I’ve never loved her like an individual, but sometimes you start getting into such a routine and get so busy that it’s only in small moments when you can look deep into your little one’s eyes and see that little personality. Now that personality is incredibly strong and as usual, I think of life ahead. Can’t get ahead of myself though….somebody smack me quick.

Only two or three days before her first birthday she started walking, and now it is a solid fact in my brain that as soon as she learns something, it’s the only thing she wants to do for the next two weeks. For how long now we’ve been waiting and waiting but it’s finally here and it’s wonderful. She still had this little topples every so often but her balance and her ability to just motor across the house is amazing. It not the only development though.

Now we’re in that part of teething (I assume it’s due to teething) wherein she’ll only eat the food that I have in my hand and am trying to feed myself. So now begins the struggle of “but this is MY Chinese food…oh ok yeah you can have some but only a little….ok you want more than a little, here you go….man I’m hungry”. Do I start waiting till she’s asleep to feed myself or what? I know I’m gonna have to eat some of her food before giving it to her just to get her interested. Oye Oye…#parenttactics.

A year already. Done the first 365 days of baby, and the rest of my lifetime to go. Looking at how she’s grown I start to feel those imminent parental feelings of “yes I can do this” and “this is the scariest shit ever”. But what it comes down too is will you let yourself e consumed with that fear, or embrace it and keep living life the best that you can. Who knows what the future will bring, but as of now, dear reader, I embrace it.

After all: #mybabyistheshit

-B.K. Mullen

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