Achievement: Sleep Whisperer

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Sleep Whisperer
Pediatrician magic = 7 glorious nights of sleep

The 9-month checkup was last Monday.  We had no significant questions, concerns or complaints, with one exception: our daughter has regressed to waking up once a night.

We ran into this same problem shortly before the 6-month checkup.  At that visit one of our pediatricians, Dr. K, told us to adjust our daughter’s feeding to teach her to intake all of her calories during the day.  Basically, our daughter could eat as much as she wanted during each daytime feeding, but in the event of an overnight stir, we would give her a bottle of water instead of formula (although we could give her formula if she was absolutely inconsolable).  The pediatrician then talks to our daughter like it’s no big deal, telling her she’ll get past it.  It was like a baby pep talk.  We followed the advice, and immediately our daughter…

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