Fathers Day Wishlist: Battroborgs (Coupon Inside!)



As Father’s Day approaches I’ve been getting questions by some friends and followers on twitter asking for suggestions of gifts. They want something fun, creative, useful, and fits their budget. I’ve struggled a bit with my answers, often having to refer to typical Dad gifts such as golf-club accessories and power tools. However, I was quickly reminded that those “typical Dad gifts” aren’t really relevant to Dads of this era. We are in a generation of Dads that grew up, as I did, with Spongebob Squarepants, RC Cars, and video games. So this day and age, its time to think outside the box for the ol’ D-A-D.

That’s when I found Battroborgs. Let me give you the rundown.

You are given two controllers, one for each hand. These wirelessly control a robot (yes a robot) and responds to each of your movements. Your robot is pitted against another in an arena, and you duke it out Rock’em Sock’em style till one of you is declared the victor. Check out the demo video below from NYC Toy Fair 2013:


I’m crazy excited for this. Not only can you do battle with your best friend (or in my case: Wife) but if you listen closely to the Demonstrator, he shows that you can play by yourself as well. Just set the “GAME MODE” which means your opponent robot will go into a series of randomized punches so you can still go head-to-head.

So lets re-cap: Robots do battle via you and your opponents wireless controllers, or you can rage against another robot who is pulling an A.I. fighting style = AWESOME

As a special for Fathers Day, they are offering this awesome coupon:

Just print it out and take it to your local Walmart for $10 off the already reduced price!

It’s the perfect Fathers Day gift for all the Dads out there these days who grew up playing Mech Warrior, and watching Voltron. Or even if he’s one of those guys who’s nuts about technology!  For me personally it goes a little bit deeper.

Often times my wife and I will have disputes about “what to have for dinner” or “where to go this weekend” or “who’s turn is it to do laundry” and typically we resort to the age old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to help. But no longer!

I can just imagine throwing down on the kitchen table, one robot against another in the epic decision battle for Chinese Food vs Chicken Sandwiches.

-B.K. Mullen


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