The Gates of Mordor

So many of you may have noticed I’ve been doing a bunch of product reviews lately (more to come this week) and haven’t really done a personal post in a while. This is for a few reasons:

1. I’ve been blessed to have been getting offers for product reviews, and I definitely want to take advantage of these opportunities. Not only is it great for myself as a rookie-ish blogger, but I can guarantee I would never do a review of a product I thought my readers wouldn’t like. That is to say, if I don’t think it’s fit for me to write about and “print”, I’m not gonna wast my time or yours.

2. I’m still working on finding a new job, which sucks. So I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time poking around on job sites when I’m not doing chores or chilling with the little one.

If you listen to the podcast you already know, but I figured I’d re-cap here cause it’s pretty exciting. Emma is officially a crawler, and it’s been pretty crazy trying to keep her contained. It was especially difficult two weeks ago when we didn’t have a single baby gate in the house. We could keep her in the pack-and-play but it limits her ability to move around and I hate just sticking her in there. So finally last week my wife came home with a brand new Evenflo gate, and I call them “The Gates of Mordor”.

For those of you not in tune with the “Nerd” world, “The Gates of Mordor” is a reference to Lord of the Rings. I grew up reading the books and have seen all the movies and such. So when it came to nicknaming what seems to be bane of her existence it came fairly easily to the front of my brain.

It was easy to set up, so it went up quickly and she noticed immediately, watching the whole process in anticipation. As soon as It was up she mosey’d her way over, and all I could do was stand back and watch. You could almost feel the tension in air as she approached the doorway. I swore I could hear the sound of her little brain clicking away as she calculated what the situation was. Then the moment of truth, she grabbed a hold of one of the bars and pulled herself up to a kneel. Then both hands were on the gate door, and all hell broke loose.

From her kneeling position she began violently shaking the gate, trying desperately to remove the barrier. For fifteen minutes every inch of our house was filled with the sound of the crazy rattling of this baby-gate, and there was no sign of her giving up. Eventually though, exhaustion caught up with her, and the worst look of dejection was painted across her face. Her bottom lip was pushed out so far you could park a Greyhound Bus on it, and her forehead went straight to the bars in frustration. In her pose of pure aggravation she began belting out screams of what seemed like intense pain. It was as if she had just been punched in the face, and i had an overwhelming need to console her, which eventually I did.

But I let it sink in for a few minutes, so she could come to an understanding with the Gates of Mordor.


-B.K. Mullen


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