From Father to Son, From Son to Granddaughter: Power of Dad


I find myself nowadays without a job, which makes things a bit difficult. It’s not the first time and, considering the endless probabilities in the universe, probably not the last time. But each time it happens and I find myself filling out application after application, I come upon the same section of the form that countless others have, but in a different light. My list of references is short, but enough to fill out the three (or sometimes six) spaces that I need to move forward. Each time though, I regret not being able to put down family members, especially one person.

My Dad was my first boss, and not in the way where he’s giving me directions on life. I mean, yes, he was that too, but he was also my first legitimate boss at my first legitimate job. Since before I was born he has been a Ranger at Boy Scout Camps. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Ranger, it is better known as the Maintenance Supervisor. Scrap your preconceived notions that Maintenance Supervisor is a grandiose way of saying “Janitor”. You need to know more than basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, automotive and grounds-keeping skills just to get started. I was lucky in that my Dad brought me on as his Assistant Ranger on more than one occasion, lending a hand in more than one of those things. So there I was, for seemingly countless years, learning all the basics of hands on work. Running electrical wire through a building and patching it all together, fixing broken water mains, fixing the engine of a couple of camp trucks, and building handicap access ramps just to mention a few projects. But through all this training, and all the knowledge that my Dad could have possibly bestowed on me, the one thing that I still remember as fresh as my cup of coffee this morning, he never actually spoke about.  It just happened.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Rangers. At least one or two per camp all across the U.S., Canada, England, and other countries. That’s not including all the YMCA, 4-H, Band, and Sports camp facilities all over the world. I am not a stranger (and neither is my Dad) about the thought that out there among the masses are Rangers better at all those basic skills than he is. They are Master Plumbers, Master Electricians, and Master Carpenters. They have decades of dedicated experience in each field and could build you a whole house on their own, but most of them are missing that one important element of a Ranger that my Dad has always had, and I later came to practice as well.

He put love into everything he does.

All those guys with the endless experience may be better prepared, but it’s doubtful that they love what they do. For most, a job is a job and that’s all it is. It’s a grind that you are forced to go do because society demands it of you and you need to get that paycheck every two weeks to get what you want. The focus is getting through the day and coming out the other side as unscathed as possible. Not to say that my Dad didn’t have bad days, but it never seemed like a job for him. It always felt like he was doing what he was naturally made to do. The key is that this job, whatever it is you do, is a creature. It’s a living, breathing thing that has a mind of it’s own. If you treat it like an animal, it will be an animal back to you. It will bite, bark, growl and sometimes attack and it will make you miserable. Every time you approach it, it will go on the defense and make your day as hard as possible to go through. Not for us. Treat it with respect, get to know it, and nurture it. Put your love into it and it will give love back. My Dad faced his job this way, as if he had a natural connection to the camp, and it payed off endlessly.

It’s this idea, to face every challenge with the respect it deserves instead of a burning hatred, that I want to pass on to my children. Sometimes life will be hard, and might even take a little blood from us, but if you always fear the next challenge, it will dominate you. You won’t be able to control it, and although you may overcome it, it will take a lot out of you. I don’t go through life from challenge to challenge in fear, I don’t want to live out my life in that miserable toil and I don’t want my kids too either. This is something I learned from my Dad (whether he knew it or not) and I try to celebrate him whenever I can. This upcoming Father’s Day though, we all have some help.

This Father’s Day, Oral-B is helping us celebrate what they call the “Power of Dad”, recognizing Dad’s everywhere for the things they do and pass down to their kids. Watch the awesome video HERE.


As part of this campaign to support Fathers everywhere, they are including an awesome coupon for the Oral-B 7000 BLACK, their most technologically advanced and sophisticated power brush to date. If your Dad, like mine, has a thing for gadgets, this is one of the coolest out there. If you’re thinking to yourself “oh a coupon, that’s nice” but it isn’t really impressing you, check this out:

For yet another year, P&G Oral Care has partnered with March of Dimes, the leading organization for healthy, happy families that celebrates mothers and fathers every day. Lord knows if you have a family, you have heard of March of Dimes and the amazing things that they have done for families everywhere, and the fact that a company like P&G is lending a hand really boosts my confidence about being a parent these days. Also showing their support in partnering with P&G, is non other than the “first family of football” the Manning’s. Archie, Eli, and his daughter Ava are coming out to support us all and celebrate those little moments that makes fatherhood great.

This year for Father’s Day, Oral-B wants to celebrate Dads everywhere. Whether they are taking the kids to the “Big Game”, taking them for nature walks, or simply rolling around on the ground teaching them how to enjoy life!

Or in my case…….fixing a water main in a 7ft deep hole in September while it’s raining.

Thanks Dad 🙂


-B.K. Mullen


***************************** I partnered with Oral-B and Life of Dad, LLC for the #PowerofDad Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement************

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