Want to Save Money? Find your nearest JBF!

Since yesterday morning at 9:30, the Poppin’ Bottles/ Philly Dad Group table has been set up at the Just Between Friends Consignment Expo in Oaks PA. I talk about it quite often but there is only one thing I can possibly say as to help you all understand what this event means to us all out here in the Philadelphia Area: Imagine going to a cute consignment store for kids, toddlers, and babies clothing/toys, except it’s as huge (if not bigger) as a Super Wal-Mart. Endless (and i certainly mean endless) racks of clothing of all sizes you can imagine as well as seemingly endless tables full of toys, gadgets, and anything you can possibly think of that’s necessary towards the raising of a child.

See the Philly Dad’s Group/ Poppin’ Bottles piece from Amy Buckman of 6 ABC in Philly! —- Click HERE

Besides asking me about what it actually is, may people say they are a bit sketchy when it comes to consignment. Most parents, and i don’t blame them, feel a little awkward about buying things (especially clothing) that already has some wear and tear on it from previous children. Buying “used” clothing worn by somebodies children (whom you don’t know) seems a little skanky, but be assured about one thing: JBF Quality Control. For two whole days prior to the sale a team of trained Quality Specialists sifts through hundreds of thousands of articles of clothing (and toys and gadgets as well) for any damage at all. In my experience, every single piece that you find on the racks of JBF will be stain, scratch, and injury free. There are of course some baskets at the end of the racks for “returns” if you find anything out there that has a stain on it that they missed. But i’ll be honest with you, every time i look at them they are completely empty.

Check out the Poppin’ Bottles interview with Tracy, the JBF Philly organizer! —Click HERE

It’s also important to remember that it’s not just used stuff, there’s always NEW stuff as well. Every parent who has had a baby shower knows full well that most of the clothing that gets bought for you is “Newborn” size, which ends up only lasting you a couple of weeks before its too small. In some cases, it’s too small to begin with! So there you are, stuck with a pile of brand new clothing (tags still on it) that you have nothing to do with. Needless to say there are at least a couple dozen consigners at JBF who have found themselves in that situation, and therefor it’s no lie when i tell you that among the racks you’ll find hundreds of articles of clothing that are BRAND NEW. And the best part: It’s more than likely less than half the original price!

The most important thing to remember about JBF is the amazing DEALS! The story i keep telling (and will continue to tell) about my first JBF experience happened less than 10 minutes after I walked in through the front doors of the Oaks sale in 2013. I found, hanging on a rack, my pride and joy of “baby-tech”: the Baby Bjorn brand front load baby carrier. It was as if I was Jason, my Argonauts in tow…and I had just come upon my Golden Fleece. It was beautiful and literally BRAND NEW. If it was used at all you wouldn’t know it, no stains, no fraying, no wear. People who use it often (like my brother Frank) will often end up with one that is sun-bleached. But this little beauty was still the crisp, dark blue.

But that’s not even the best part.

I approached cautiously. The extent of my caution was brought on by the knowledge that at retail price…you’re lookin at a good $90 to $100 on this bad boy, and like most parents i want to save wherever I can (hence, we went to the sale). I turned it over a couple times, checking the buckles and the straps and everything looked pristine, so now it was time for the moment of truth. Exactly what type of dough am I gonna have to shell out for the Cadillac of baby carriers?


Those little black numbers on that little yellow tag made my heart skip a beat. This couldn’t be correct, but i inquired and lo and behold…if its marked $15, then it only costs $15. But don’t think that a possible error alone will get you deals. We’re talkin mark-downs like you’ve never seen before except for garage sales. Unlike a garage sale however, you’re guaranteed to find top quality stuff.

Once upon a time we parents could only get our kiddie gear full price, or hand-me-down. But dear folks i’m here to tell you that this is a true gem that you certainly don’t want to miss, and you’ll be happy to know that its not just in Philly! Good Lord no, it’s all over the United States and even Canada! So do what’s right for your kids, yourself, and your wallet, and find the closest JBF to you: http://www.jbfsale.com



You won’t regret it for a second!



B.K. Mullen


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