Diet Diary 5: My 8 Month Old Piece of Equipment

Over the past couple of weeks it’s been difficult to get back to the gym. I’ve been two or three times, but I’ve mainly had to stick with home exercises like pushups, sit ups and the like. Yesterday however, a realization swept over me that I hadn’t considered in a while. I had thought of it before, during my wife’s pregnancy but at that point I was just being silly. But now I find the suggestion of using my little one as a means of exercise is a great way to utilize what I like to call “the home field advantage” of working out.

​Starting off with a baby is great, especially because they come with “handles” to make it easier to lift them. Things such as baby carriers and the car seat provide some great core, arm, shoulder, and leg strengthening even in times when you don’t mean to do it. It’s also a very progressive workout system. As your kid grows and becomes heavier, the exercises increase with intensity, and therefore help continue your strengthening. Below are a few suggestions of the type of workouts you can do while utilizing everyday baby stuff (with some pretty IMPRESSIVE drawings by yours truly).

Have any suggestions? Send them in! I’ll be adding more as I go along and I’d love input from all of you guys.

-B.K. Mullen


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