Diet Diary #3: Recovery over, back to work


Fell off the horse. Screwed the pooch. Whatever phrase you wanna use to indicate failure. Not COMPLETE failure, but an obvious hiatus from the gym as well as my diet this week. But I gotta say, as much as you may hate it when people say “yeah I screwed last week but THIS week is gonna be different”, that’s exactly what I’m saying to you right now, and there are many good reasons for making this guarantee.

1.) It’s the end of the week, which means we’re going food shopping soon and clearing out all the nasty stuff in our fridge. This gives us a stellar opportunity to reshape the menu back to what it should have been in the first place. We’re pushing fruit, green tea, and coconut water. Also, rice and veggies and the occasional meat and pasta.
2.) I’m finally not sick. The week after I started doing this I got a wicked cough that lasted ALL month, and my chest was feeling like hell. But now its gone, and I feel totally rejuvenated.
3.) Things are getting easier at home as far as taking care of Emma and the house itself. We’re getting back into a more solid routine now that Emma is no longer sick as well. I also did a pretty massive clean up of certain areas of the house like to walk in closets, the kitchen, and the living room to make it more “effective” and comfortable of an environment. It was getting pretty messy there for a minute.
4.) My wife wants to start going to the gym as well! She also feels as if she could be in better shape (she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, so I don’t see how) and wants to sign up to the same Planet Fitness that I go to. Then we’ll alternate days, so that we don’t have to leave Emma at daycare any more than is necessary.

So here we are, poised before a new week with a great opportunity to beef up on achieving our goals. Even though I haven’t followed it this week, I’ve got a method down. I’ve found my bearings and know how to do what I gotta do. All I gotta do now is DO IT!

So I need your opinion on something. I’m not afraid to admit that I went out to walmart and got myself a “Slimmer Belt” thingy. Essentially the idea of this thing is you wear it like a corset, and its made of a material that constricts your “fat cells” and makes you sweat more than usual. This process is supposed to cut down your “water weight” while you are working out. All you gotta do is put it on while you work out and you can drop 3x the weight you normally would while working out.

I understand that this could possibly be a sham. I understand that even if it actually does what it says it does, it’s probably not worth the $10 that I spent on it. But honest to goodness, even if it’s worthless, it’s giving me a little psychological kick. Makes me feel like I’m doing the best that I can to try and get in better shape. So even if I get 1000 comments on here telling me its full of crap, I’ll probably still use it. But I’d like to know for sure. Any words of wisdom would really help.


B.K. Mullen
Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast

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