Always learning, always evolving

It’s a fact of life that sometimes you have to make a difficult decision, not just for the good of every one around you, but the for your own good as well. Eight months ago I gave birth to my first Podcast. It was only fitting that when it was time to put it to rest, I was the one to put the bullet in the head.

Truth is, I started trying to hard. It became a challenge to produce content and get my shit together each episode. After a while it didn’t feel natural anymore, it was trying to take my little show and turn it into a big show. But it wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready, and the listeners faded away. I brought in a partner to host it with me, and she was doing great, creative things. But getting on the same schedule, me with a family and her with school, was starting to get nearly impossible on a weekly basis.

We ditched it for a couple of weeks, and a comeback was planned. But like I said, schedules being what they are, I’d have to start recording on the fly. So it would go back to just being me, which I would have been fine with, but I still had it in my mind that I needed to produce content. I put a high demand on myself that I wasn’t able to meet.

Then one day it hit me: it’s over. I’ve created a beast that I am no longer able to control, and I’m no longer comfortable with. I tried to evolve it too fast, perhaps I was just excited. It’s time to go back to basics, to take it down to bare minimum and start again. Just me, a microphone, and the occasional guest spot. No specific topics, just whatever is on my mind that day. I’ll go back to my original “no format” format, and just let it evolve on its own. You can’t force things like this. Besides I now know a lot more than I knew when I first started out, so I can use it to my advantage with starting a new.

So here we are, Sketchy Radio is no more. I’ve taken down all the episodes, cleared out the Facebook, and closed the Twitter. That chapter of my Podcasting life has ended and from it, like a phoenix, a new me has arisen. Soon I’ll be recording the first episode, just me and a microphone. Like the “good old days”, and let loose my brain across the interwebs.

I started out with Mishigas and Rum, it became Sketchy Radio. But now I have evolved past them, I’ve discovered my voice, and I know what my passion is. I call the show “Earth VS Ben”, somewhat of a general name but fitting nonetheless. I initially thought “Ben Vs The World” or “Ben Vs Earth” which would make equal sense, and put my name at the forefront. But in truth, I’m not the one who is challenging the world; it is the world that is challenging me.

But enough with the weird, semi-negative re-birth shit. Lets get this fuckin party started.

This week, Episode 1 is gonna drop. A huge french feather duster tickling your little ear feels.

Come party.

Frodo lives.


B.K. Mullen

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