Diet Journal #2: Soda


It’s everywhere. It surrounds me. Soda seems to be more readily available than water these days and it’s causing me to fail miserably.

Part of it of course is my own willpower failing, but I’m so used to particular foods with a particular drink that the thought of changing it makes my stomach churn. Like who eats a slice of pizza with a bottle of water? Who gets a cheesesteak with a tall glass of unsweetened ice tea? So when I get these foods, my first instinct is to reach for that sweet sweet carbonated nectar of life.

There are a lot of places that seem to not even offer an alternative. Or the only alternative is a pre sweetened tea that’s just as unhealthy. So how do I kick this craving when it surrounds me? How does an addict escape a drug that’s constantly in front of his face no matter where he goes?

Willpower. Gotta keep thinking about my little girl and how I don’t want her to bury me before she’s done college. I’m having a hell of a time of it though.

In other news, keeping up with the daily gym routine. Although I didn’t go yesterday since I was feeling exhausted. I feel like if I keep going anyway though my energy levels will go up.

I just finished a phase I call “the marathon phase”. When I first start going to the gym (I’ve had a few false starts in the past couple of years) where I do a whole range of exercises for a week or so. Not really concentrating on muscle groups from one day to the other, just kind of running around doing whatever I feel like with seemingly no rhyme or reason. But this gives me an extra boost of confidence to keep going, and also tells me what my current limits are. I take this time to figure out my failure points for each muscle group.

But I’ve started concentrating on muscle groups and doing sets and whatnot. Feeling good so far. Although many people have told me that doing cardio via the treadmill is a bit pointless, I’ve been doing it anyway. I primarily use it for strengthening my lungs.

Because of years of dealing with asthma they tend to have a breaking point that is far earlier than the rest of my body. So the treadmill trains them just like any other muscle to handle more stress. The more stress they can handle, the more I can use my body to its fullest and truly attain what I’ve set out for.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

-B.K. Mullen
Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast

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