The Poppin’ Bottles Story

Nick and I have been asked a couple of times, most recently on the Life of Dad After Show, how our “Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast” podcast came into existence. Seeing as how we have this lovely blogging space, I figured it would do well to put the story down for all to know.

It all starts about two years ago, when in a crazy fit of creativity (I’m assuming) Nick Browne started the blog, where he chronicles his adventures of being a dad. Fast forward to August 2013, when my daughter was born. A few weeks prior I had started a podcast called “Sketchy Radio”, and the thought of becoming a father had ignited an idea in my head to do a podcast about that very subject. Three weeks later by daughter was born, and we moved into our new house, right next to Nick and Sarah, who had just had their second child a week or two after our daughter was born.

He and I had run into each other a couple of times out in the driveway, like neighbors do, but it took a few months before we actually got to talking. One day, in the same driveway mentioned above, we got to talking about our kids and whatnot and I thought to myself he seemed like the right person for the job to help me achieve the kind of dad podcast that had been rolling around in my noggin. Besides, why not be friends with your neighbor? So I gave him my phone number and we texted a bit about semi-meaningless stuff until finally I figured I’d come right out and ask “how would you like to do a podcast with me about being dads?” Not a split second later (he had sent a text at the exact same time) he says “I have a blog about being a dad you might like,”

It was strange moment of planetary alignment or something, a young dad with a production company, working knowledge of podcasting, and the desire to achieve moved in next door to a young dad, with a dad themed creative outlet, a broadcasting degree, a desire to achieve, and an eye for social media sharing. A few days later, the first episode of the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast was recorded, posted on the internet, and shared for all to enjoy.

Right after our second show, we got in contact with the Life of Dad website, a social networking site for dads including many who podcast and blog, who added us to their podcast network and got us set up with blogs on their site. Since then we’ve had some of the guys from the site as guests on our show, as well as being guests ourselves on the Life of Dad After Show. Our blogs are doing better than ever, and our general layout for the next year is nothing short of exciting.

Its been a crazy exciting experience so far, and we’ve only done 10 episodes. 2014 is gonna be a great year for the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast, and I hope you guys join us.

-B.K. Mullen
Life Of Dad

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